QUESTION: Why am I not getting the Newsletter or Minutes?

If you have signed up for E-Mail Communications from the Thomaston Town Office and are not getting the e-mails please check the following:

    1. Did you use the Thomaston Town Office Mailing List Manager portal located HERE to sign up?  If Not try that first and be aware that our severs will send you a confirmation e-mail for you to confirm that the e-mail address was entered correctly.
    2. Did you get an e-mail from us confirming your e-mail address?  If you did NOT get an e-mail confirming your e-mail address then please check your e-mail accounts SPAM or JUNK or TRASH folders.  Sometimes this can be done by searching for e-mails from the e-mail address  or from the "Thomaston Mailing List Manager"
    3. Most e-mail providers have a way of allowing you to create a filter or a rule to NEVER send e-mail from a specific e-mail address to your SPAM or JUNK folder so consider using this feature to create a rule for the .  Another option some e-mail providers have is a WHITE or BLACK list where you can put an e-mail address on one or the other lists to either always accept (WHITE LIST) or always deny (BLACK LIST) e-mails from a specific e-mail address.  If your e-mail provider has this feature please make sure the  e-mail address is on the WHITE LIST and NOT ON THE BLACK LIST.

If your still having issues with this process or issues with getting e-mails from our mailing list then please feel free to contact Dave at the Town Office for hlep.  If you have recently made changes (such as described above) then wait to see if you get the next newsletter (they are sent just before or right after the first of every month, although once in a while we do a seasonal newsletter) and if not then again feel free to contact Dave at and he will be happy to assist you.

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