Area No. 27, Upper St. George River and Tributaries (Warren to St. George). This notice closes the rainfall conditional areas (B and C) on the St George River due to greater than one inch of rainfall in a twenty-four hour period. All rainfall conditional areas will REOPEN- EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, SEPTEMBER 22, 2013.

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Area No. 500, Maine Coast Flood Closure: This notification closes a portion of the Maine coast between the Maine/New Hampshire border and Two Lights State Park (Cape Elizabeth) due to two inches or more of rain falling in a 24 hour period.

Effective immediately, because of pollution from heavy rainfall, it shall be unlawful to dig, take or possess any clams, quahogs, oysters, or mussels from the shores, flats and territorial waters of the State of Maine east of the Maine/New Hampshire border and west of a line running south from the end of Two Lights State Park Rd (Cape Elizabeth) and then south to the limits of Maine territorial waters.

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