Thanksgiving Day

At last year’s Thanksgiving Dinner, I announced that my husband Phil and I had made the difficult decision that that dinner would be the last one we organized and hoped someone or another group would take the Turkey Baster and continue providing a dinner for the citizens of Thomaston who enjoyed the camaraderie and abundant food offerings. I especially enjoyed organizing it and doing some of the cooking, Phil was a happy participant, and there were many people who helped by donating foods, baking pies, work in the kitchen cooking, setting up, serving, cleaning up, or “what can I do for you this year?” To date no one has contacted us. BUT, it’s not too late to put the dinner together. If you want to take the Turkey Baster and continue this much loved tradition, please email me at , or call me at 354-0938. Phil and I are happy to provide guidance, advice, suggestions, and sources.

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