It’s Watts Hall’s 100th Birthday, and we’re having a celebration! Captain Samuel Watts gave the Watts Block to Thomaston in 1890, but that imposing building stood for only 25 years before it burned down in 1915. It was immediately rebuilt (in a slightly less grand style) and the new building has been proudly serving the community ever since. We think the building and Samuel Watts himself deserve a big “THANK YOU” and an event to celebrate them both.

So, the night before the 4th of July, 2015 we are having an old fashioned Variety Show in Watts Hall, including a walk or two down memory lane, and we need your help. We’re eager to have as complete a list as possible of the kinds of activities that have taken place in the Hall over the years so that we can celebrate them all.

Please share your memories of the times you’ve spent in Watts Hall or any stories you remember from generations past. If you have an anecdote or two to go along with the events, please share those as well. And finally, please also let us know if you would like to participate in the Variety Show either as a performer or working behind the scenes.

We think that this community event should be a lot of fun, so as you remember the things you’ve done in Watts Hall or as you think of volunteering to help out, please call Lee-Ann Upham at 354-6347.



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