There will be a Clean Candidate Forum at Watts Hall in Thomaston, 6 p.m. Invited to participate are Sen. Dave Miramant, D, Senate District 12; Rep. Anne Beebe-Center, D, House District 93; Rep. Owen Casas, I, House District 94; Rep. Abden Simmons, R, House District 91; Vicki Doudera, D, for House District 94; Jeff Evangelos, I, for House District 91; Bill Pluecker, I, for House District 95; Ann Matlack, D, for House District 92; Zak Ringelstein, D, for U.S. Senate.

All candidates are invited to attend the public forum. Moderated by Andy O’Brien, managing editor of The Free Press, and sponsored by the Coalition of Electoral Reformists.


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